Harshad & Poonam

Last weekend i  took Harshad and Poonam around Waterloo and Westminster, in London for their Pre-Event Shoot. They wanted a few pictures that they could put on the screens that they will have at their Sagai (Engagement) in November.

Never having done an Pre-Event Shoot in London, i wasn’t sure what to expect, as normally i go a park or somewhere a little quite, however the location we had chosen, was the complete opposite.

We first went towards the Southbank Centre in Waterloo, a place with a bit of history for them, which was busy with an outside food market. With all this going on, i thought it maybe a good idea for them to a shots of them walking around the market and checking out all the different stalls. We got a few shots from there, but a few of the market stall owners didnt seem to like me being there, so we moved on towards Westminster.

If i thought Waterloo was busy, then Westminster was on a different scale. There were just so many people about, its quite difficult to actually get a few shots in before you have to wait for next herds of people to walk past. At one point i wanted to get a shot of them both close up with Big Ben next to them. I was laying there on the floor, while i got 100s people walking past and just staring at me. But like they i say, anything to get a good shot!

Once we finished in westminster, we ended up at London Eye, where we took a few shots with it in the background. The time we went, it wasnt ideal to get the kind of shot i wanted, too many people in the way to get the right shot!

Overall it was a experience and a half, but a fruitful experience at that, as we got some decent images from it!